Cristal Body Layering

2 octobre 2020
BY deleo

POST TREATMENT ADVICE: Change your habits

To summarize all the previous post-treatment advice, there is one word to remember: change your habits.

According to an experiment, it would take 30 days for a human being to change his or her habits, or a little less with the “magic period of 21 days” which would be the ideal number of days to change one’s habits. During these 20 to 30 days, you will have to persevere because the palate will get used to new tastes and new things! It will take patience and perseverance to change your habits.

Find a new way of eating with a healthy and adapted diet. Drink more than you used to in order to stay hydrated. Exercise and get moving! Don’t take the elevator but the stairs, don’t drink soda but sugar-free flavored water, don’t snack but eat more at meals. Choose a typical plate with half vegetables, a quarter of starchy foods and a quarter of proteins, choose starchy foods with wholemeal flour… etc.

All these small details will improve your post-treatment results and improve your lifestyle.

However, you must not forget to enjoy yourself and to get back in touch with yourself, listen to your hunger signals: simply listen to your body. In addition, you must take charge of your life, stop making excuses and know what you want. If you have decided to do a CRISTAL treatment, continue in this vein and optimize the results.