Cristal Body Layering


The Cryolipolysis with CRISTAL Pro®.

Thanks to the CRISTAL Pro innovation, it is now possible to reshape the entire figure.
Treatment of 4 areas simultaneously with the new morphological applicators

In just one session you can sculpt a complete body area:
1. The dream of a flat stomach: simultaneous treatment of the love handles and the upper and lower abdominal area.
2.Slimmed thighs: treatment of both inner and outer thighs in one session!
3. Redesigned facial contours: treatment of the double chin and jawline.

Homogeneous treatment of the area thanks to the Body-Layering® technology.




Course of a session

Measurement of the fat fold.

The practitioner takes your measurements on the area you wish to treat.
This measurement is done with a measuring tape and will allow to validate that you present the right indication for this treatment.

Application of a cryoprotective gel pad.

The practitioner applies a wipe impregnated with cryoprotective gel over the entire area to be treated.
This protects your skin from the cold for the duration of the session. 

Placement of the applicator and beginning of the session.

The applicator is positioned by the doctor:
The suction will place the fatty mass in the applicator and the cooling process begins. The cooling period lasts about 60 minutes. During this time, you will have the opportunity to relax and rest.
At the beginning of the session, you may feel a pulling sensation and a pinching of the skin when the applicator is placed. After 5 minutes, your skin is anaesthetised by the cold and you no longer feel any discomfort.

End of the session.

After 60 minutes, the machine stops. The practitioner removes the applicator and massages the treated area.
The massage allows the anaesthetised area to be awakened and reactivated by the movement and break up the fat cells that are still frozen. 

The results appear.

The destroyed fat cells will naturally eliminate themselves in 8 weeks thanks to the lymphatic drainage of your body. Two months after the session, your doctor will take measurements and photos to assess the results obtained. Depending on the area and the size of the bulge, a second session is sometimes  necessary to obtain the desired result.


Over 1 million patients treated worldwide

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Subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about Body-Layering®.