Cristal Body Layering

23 avril 2021
BY Magazine GALA

Gala Magazine - Tackling fatty deposits by stimulating the body


Who said you had to suffer to be beautiful? Thanks to the CRISTAL skin care range, it is now possible to get rid of those stubborn bulges without a scalpel. Behind the elegant design of the CRISTAL Pro machine, the cornerstone of this triptych, lies a jewel of technology. It is cryolipolysis, which, under the effect of cold, destroys fat cells. Homogeneous temperature, precise aspiration: everything is calibrated to the millimeter. After the stage of marking with a felt-tip pen to measure the unsightly clusters, the installation can begin. Name, size, weight, areas concerned… all the parameters are programmed into the device. All that remains is to let yourself be guided.

Really? Yes, really! Once you are lying down, the professional applies a cryoprotective gel on your skin, before placing the famous applicators. Up to four parts of the body can be treated simultaneously. Two Amethyst for the saddlebags, then two Emerald on the love handles, and that’s it!

A few minutes are enough to reach -10 degrees. The areas are anesthetized. Let’s go for a little more than an hour of treatment…

Objective of this unique session? To stimulate the natural functioning of the body. “It’s a sort of augmented version of what the body already knows how to do,” explain Frédéric Samson, CEO of Deleo, and his partner André Fournier. With his partner, he has just launched a global approach based on the same philosophy. CRISTAL Fit shapes the muscle with an electromagnetic field, while CRISTAL Skin restores the skin’s elasticity using multipolar radiofrequency. All made in France, please!