Cristal Body Layering

19 mai 2021
BY Anti-Âge Magazine

Cristal Body-Layering: a treatment in 3 steps

By combining three advanced technologies, it allows for a global approach.

Body-Layering® is revolutionizing the medical aesthetics sector. By combining three advanced technologies, it allows for a global approach. For the first time, the figure can be refined, sculpted and firmed using non-invasive techniques.With the arrival on the market of the triptych CRISTAL PRO, CRISTAL FIT and CRISTAL SKIN, DELEO is helping aesthetic medicine to take off into new horizons.The innovative concept was born out of the demand from those on the front line: surgeons. Their profession requires them to analyze all the layers of the areas to be treated, from muscle to skin to fat. But that’s no problem at all!

DELEO, the leader in cryolipolysis, has developed a three-phase treatment that acts on the epidermis, hypodermis, and muscles. In addition to a combination of cutting-edge technologies, the principle of Body-Layering® is to offer a totally personalized approach. Since each patient is different, DELEO adapts to optimize the treatment by offering the doctor the possibility of a complete diagnosis. An algorithm set up by taking into account precise data (age, number of children, history, skin quality …) allows the doctor to make an adapted and personalized diagnosis. Thus, the study of the different layers of the body “Body-Layering” allows for a holistic approach and an ultra-optimized care protocol… CRISTAL PRO, a medical cryolipolysis device, allows for the elimination of volume by getting rid of stubborn adipocytes thanks to intense cold (up to 30% of the fatty bulge). With its handpieces equipped with a homogeneous cooling system, the new version offers the possibility of treating up to four areas simultaneously. CRISTAL FIT tones the muscle by means of an electromagnetic field (5 Tesla). CRISTAL skin firms the skin thanks to the multi-frequency radio and its very rapid heat rise (42 degrees in 2 minutes).