Cristal Body Layering

29 juin 2021

Is this a promising technique for slimming down your figure before the summer? Yes, but only on medical advice.

CRYOLIPOLYSIS IS A BARBARIAN WORD that sounds like a promise, certainly vain and frivolous, but, a few months before the summer, who is going to throw the first stone? The action of the cold penetrates to directly destroy deep fat cells, thanks to a compact machine with rotating arms. “Apoptosis, the death of the cell, is programmed, but this contact with the cold precipitates it and accelerates it,” explains Dr. Philippe Azoulay. A non-invasive alternative to liposuction, which works best on small localized fatty masses – understand that stubborn bulge on the stomach, hips, or saddlebags, which make you despair and which could fly away without effort… But beware, as Dr Philippe Azoulay warns, cryolipolysis is not immediate, you leave his Parisian practice as you entered, the result is only seen four months later. Forty-five minutes, one session, maybe two. Who can beat that? But this non-invasive and more affordable solution is not insignificant. Far from it. Because the cold burns. Hence the importance of choosing a medical practice and high-performance equipment, such as the latest model, Cristal Body-Layering, from the French company Deleo, which complements cryolipolysis with muscle stimulation and skin tightening. Medical advice is essential. I had Raynaud’s disease, a chronic blood circulation disorder in the extremities of the body, which occurs when exposed to cold. Too bad, I will intensify my sports sessions, and let’s see in four months…